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My mission is to place people at the heart of product success

“ Hey I’m Shaik Khader. I help individuals & organizations in product development to utilize their strengths for both personal and product success 


" Drive excellence in current pursuits, and guide long-term aspirations."

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" Live your desired self daily - Prepare with purpose"

Free webinar book review sessions
Unlock the Secrets of Great Books!

Join our free webinar book review sessions to dive deep into the world of influential and inspiring books.

Practical Product Owner Course
Objective: To comprehensively understand the role of a Product Owner and its application within the organization.

This course is designed to provide a deep dive into the responsibilities and skills required for a successful Product Owner.

1:1 Mentorship
Duration: 3 Months

Our 1:1 Mentorship Program is a dedicated, personalized 3-month journey designed to help you transition seamlessly into the role of a Product Owner.

Open for product or career discussions. 

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